We all know about wellbeing and ergonomically sound furniture, but what else as a business owner, boss or facilities manager can you be doing? 
You will have no doubt seen stories and images of offices and workspaces with running tracks in or dartboards and ball pits as well as full on restaurant areas, bars and roof top alfresco spaces. Even treadmill desks too. Whereas these are fun and great to work in and work on, what else is there that is perhaps more down to earth and every day? ... 
Trendy and popular ways for a good workplace include looking at ensuring: 
• Having the right office furniture for comfort as well as aesthetically 
• Having good lighting and ventilation, and an ambient temperature too 
• Including natural daylight 
• Nice décor and surroundings, including plants and green areas 
• Having areas for productivity and collaborations 
• And what about 3rd places and the hotelification of the workplace 
• Encouraging down time eg word hard and be productive of course at work but have space/options for chilling out in breaks 
Working from home or in the office or both? What about the third place? 
Urban sociologist Ray Oldenburg used the phrase “third place” in the 80’s. The first place being the home, the second place being the office and then there’s the third place. The 3rd place is somewhere that is inviting and a place to work or mingle with likeminded others. 
Examples of a 3rd place might be coffee shops, hotels and gyms. 
Those of us in office interiors and space planning are seeing the trend of incorporating such third places into the workplace eg soft seating and sofas in offices, outdoor spaces and so on. Eg less formal spaces to work and collaborate. 
This all leads onto the concept and trend we are also seeing of hotelifying workplaces. Eg including common areas to sit, better lighting and air con and food and drink facilities/areas too. 
Office interiors 
With the rise or continuing desire for staff to want to work in a hybrid way, or even to work from home altogether, bosses are encouraged to review the current office space to make it as attractive and as enticing as possible for it to be seen as somewhere staff want to be/travel to. And this is where we at Sygnus come in to help make the most of your space, layout and furniture. 
For example, what is on offer facilities wise? Lockers or bike racks for commuters or points to charge electric vehicles for example. 
Comfortable and fit for purpose furniture is of course a staple consideration. As is acoustics, lighting and areas as we said at the start. 
Office furniture 
What about the furniture your office or workplace will need to tick all the boxes mentioned in this blog of ergonomically sound, comfortable, matching your culture and brand, and furniture that is home like as well as good for working and relaxing? … 
Chairs, desks, soft seating, other types of seating like stools and more, for the office, showrooms, waiting rooms, schools, boardrooms and more. 
Here is our latest office furniture brochure to download and peruse or visit the website  
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