FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What are the delivery times for office furniture? 
A: Depending on your deadlines and requirements of your office move or office refurbishment and depending on Sygnus’ project management timelines, office furniture ordered in general is delivered within 4 weeks of it being ordered. These timelines can can vary, so always tell us about your project, 
Q: What are the delivery costs for office furniture? 
A: Sygnus offers free delivery on office furniture purchased through us. The free delivery is for local and national deliveries. 
Q: What is the lead time from ordering the office furniture until delivery? 
A: During the year, in general, the lead time from the manufacturer to us, furniture dealers, and then onto you the customer is around 4 weeks. This can vary in busy seasons, national holidays and adverse weather. Stock availability can also play a factor in the timelines. If we incur any delays which are out of our control, we always endeavour to keep you posted. 
Q: Does Sygnus offer an installation service? 
A: For all office furniture items purchased from Sygnus, we install and fit this fit into your office interior, workplace or premises. There is an additional about charge for this and this will depend on the number of fitters required and the amount and complexity of the furniture to be installed. A quote will be added when placing your order. 
Q: What warranties come with the office furniture and school furniture? 
A: The warranty cover will vary per manufacturer. The warranty will be specified on your order and on the tag/label attached to the furniture on purchase/delivery. 
Q: What methods of payment are accepted? 
A: Sygnus accepts bank transfers and cheques. We do not take credit card payments. This also applies to sales of second hand office furniture and used office furniture. 
Q: Can we lease office furniture instead of buying it? 
A: Yes, this is possible. Find out more and get a quote here  
Q: Can I try out the office chairs? 
A: If you would like to “borrow” or demo/have a chair loaned to you/your office to try out for a period of time, then this can be arranged. View a selection of our chairs or contact us for a brochure or demo to be arranged. 
Q: Does Sygnus offer ergonomic assessments for my workplace? 
A: Yes we do. If you are looking at your office design or office space planning and need ergonomic and acoustics advice, Sygnus can help. To arrange a demo, contact us Jez Hodges, director is DSE qualified to carry out these assessment and we have associates to assist and provide advice too. Find out more  
Q: Does Sygnus offer green products? 
A: Yes we do. We can offer chairs with fabrics made from recyclable material. More products are available, so please ask  
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