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Whatever your role in your business and in your workplace, you will no doubt spend some or a lot of your time in meetings! These may be in person meetings in a dedicated meeting space, online call meetings at your desk or 1 to 1’s in private spaces. According to research, the average employee participates in at least eight meetings per week. That’s more than one meeting every single day and only increases with seniority. Wow! 
Currently, there is a renewed focus on workspace design in the wake of Covid. Pretty much everyone is agreed that workspace has to change, but there is also an assumption that such change will be hugely expensive and disruptive. Nook is helping to re-shape this thinking. 
As the flow of employees gradually increases, businesses are being challenged to provide spaces that work both in terms of social distancing and everyday productivity. Furthermore, with greater numbers opting to work remotely – at least for part of the week - the workspace has already started to evolve with a greater focus on collaboration and social functions. 
Nook, a family of personal pods, exists to help make positive changes – to workplaces, to event space, to hospitals, to schools – in fact anywhere where people gather. Read more ... 


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