We all like to have a choice, but sometimes too much choice can be equally as hard when it comes to making a decision. Read this blog on how to chose the right office chair for you and your workplace.  
Most office based jobs involve a long time of sitting down at a chair at a desk. So with this in mind, having a comfortable chair that is ergonomically sound and fit for purpose is therefore very important. The wrong chair can lead in the worst case to injury and health problems, so make sure your chair is right for you by following these points to consider before buying or replacing your office chair: 
Adjustability - Can the arms be change? Can the height be changed? What about the angle of the back support?  
Material - The colour is important yes but what about the fabric. Is it breathable? Easy to clean? Comfortable to sit on? 
Lumbar support - Will it support your lower back for long periods of time?  
Seat - How deep and wide is it? Will it support and be comfortable for various people if it is is used for flexible working? 
Wheels - Wheels make the chair easy to move but what about the flooring types in your office as not all wheels are ideal for hard floors or carpeted areas? 
We hope you found these 5 tips useful. 
For more office furniture advice, please get in touch.  
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