Office desks 
A “desk” used to be a top with 4 legs, and everyone had the same, but in today’s offices and workplaces, the choices of desks are way more than this simplistic view. How so? 
There is the choice of top material, wood, finish and colour. Depending on budget, preference, décor and purpose. 
There is the choice of size/dimensions and also shape. From wave to radial to rectangular. Again, depending on budget, purpose, need and functionality. 
Desks can be for one person or more if part of a meeting room or boardroom. Or for multiple users in a bench style which is ideal for hot desking. Flexible working, productivity levels and hybrid working all need to be taken into account here. 
Desks can even be found as parts of booths and pods if you are factoring in acoustics, productivity and privacy. 
And finally, desks can be flexible if you want to sit or stand, or both, whilst working with electric/heigh adjustable and sit to stand desks.  
We spend a lot of time at our desks and therefore these need to be fit for purpose in terms of meeting our working needs, big enough for more than one screen, well laid out to prevent clutter, good storage and drawers for productivity and tidiness. These are all factors to consider ... 
Desks for workplaces 
Desks can be found in most areas of offices and workplaces, from main floors in offices to boardrooms and meeting/conference rooms to reception desks and coffee tables to canteens and dining areas as well as in the classroom or waiting areas/rooms and more. 
These pages showcase desks in their surroundings. 
Why desks are important? 
Naturally, where we sit daily in the office or workspace is key. As Richard Branson said “A good leader doesn't get stuck behind a desk” so don’t forget your chairs, breakout furniture and more. 
Making the most of the space you have … 
Some time back, around 70% of office or office space were open plan. Is your office space open plan or closed off or a mixture of both? 
Could the return to the office see more open plan spaces or could it see closed off sections with doors, screens and other layout options? 
Do you need more or less bench desk and meeting space? 
Is hot desking an option to factor in too? 
If you need some space planning advice or office interiors support, get in touch 
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