There is no accounting for taste as the saying goes as well as having the freedom of choice when it comes to personal preference on colour, design, materials and style. With this in mind, Sygnus is here to create the office space and to design your optimum workplace and this blog will give you some food for thought in terms of design tips and things to consider and think about for your own office design ... 
Whether you are setting up a brand new office or moving due to expansion or change or whether your company is simply wanting to review what you have space and furniture wise and are looking for innovative, fresh and cose effective ideas, here are some top tips from Sygnus Office Furniture to consider: 
Consider your brand, culture and values - what message do you want to promote? How do you want visitors and staff to feel when they come to work? When it comes to branding, it is suggested to keep your decor and furniture colours in keeping with your logo and corporate colours 
Provide the best you can - a workman is only as good as his tools, so provide your employees with the best level of equipment, furniture to use and sit on and technology. Productivity and morale will be boosted if staff are comfortable and well equipped and provided for 
Make meetings more productive - provide places for staff and teams to meet. These can be both formal with boardrooms, desks and chairs, AV screens, projectors and more. And consider softer seating breakout style areas with stools, sofas and coffee tables, known as social seating 
Be more socialable - providing such informal areas as well as kitchens, places to eat will do wonders to promote collaboration, teams to come together and morale to be boosted. Stop staff being stuck at their desks to each and chat/meet 
Light and green - where possible, office space and working space with natural light is much more preferable. Offices with plants and greenery are also on the rise for many reasons benefits. Known as biophilia, greenery in the workplace is very much an area to consider  
Who is working in the office - by this we mean flexible working. Is there a need for such working, agile working, or could there be in the future? Furniture that is flexible in its usage and postioning is a key area to consider 
You only get one chance to make a good first impression - a comfortable, inviting yet smart looking reception area is essential for staff and visitors alike to help them form a positive opinion of you, your business and your building  
Clear clutter - a regular decluttering of the office and working space is recommended to see what you need furniture and equipment wise but to also clear valuable space for changes and office move arounds  
Office planning - once your office space is tidy, the layout or design of the office needs to be carefully and thoughtfully considered. A company like Sygnus will help you plan by drawing on our many years of experience. Areas to consider include healthy and safety, fire regulations, electrics and disability access 
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