Sit stand desks, standing desks and height adjustable desks, they all mean and refer to the same item of office furniture, but what do you need to review and check before investing in this desking for your office or workplace? ... 
A recent article we read highlighted 8 key areas to consider: 
1. Ergonomics 
2. Versatility 
3. Weight 
4. User friendly 
5. Working area 
6. Material and 
7. Durability. 
We agree with these points as week as highlighting the fact you can have desks that can be individually adjusted when part of a set for 2 or 4 people. See the image for an example. 
So what are the benefits of such sit stand desk? When you sit: 
- risk of cardiovascular diseases increases by 40% 
- without interruption for more than 6 hours, you counteract the effect of 60 mins physical exercise 
- you burn up to 50 kcal more per hour compared to sitting and much more ... (Source - 
If you would like some free expert advice on the health benefits or to discuss the ranges of desks we can offer, get in touch! 
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