With Schools and Universities returning, we are also pleased and encouraged to see a slowly but surely style return to offices and workplaces. We are pleased for many reasons as this could see a boost for the economy and the knock on effect this will have, signs of a more positive outlook and attitude and the hopeful lift for local and small businesses too. 
So what next for offices and workspaces? 
Attitudes to the workplace 
Health of returning office workers ‘not prioritised’ in office redesigns. Research by UK acoustics specialist Oscar Acoustics into office-space reconfiguration, which surveyed more than 200 architects on the challenges faced when transforming workspaces, found this attitude was widespread despite the clients being offered guidance and expertise. This isn’t great to read, but here at Sygnus, when we are helping and supporting a client with space planning, design and layout, we counteract this and very much try and take into account such things like wellbeing, productivity, safety, ease and comfort and flexibility for both the employers and the employees. 
Hybrid working 
For clients that are considering a hybrid way of working, there are many benefits to working from the office either some of time as well as being at home. Some of these upsides include offering training to staff face to face where this is beneficial versus using a screen. Equally, the same goes for meetings. Calls will suffice sometimes but sitting around a meeting table is preferential on occasions too. Updating, comms and keeping staff up to speed in person can be more impactful depending on the message and style of delivery too. So if your business, school, office or workplace is considering either a gradual, part time or full on return to the office and you would like space planning, layout and design support then we can help. 
Returning to Office based and what to consider 
Have you considered making the office more homely? Articles and research online and from conversations and enquiries we are receiving, are in the main referring to and asking about agile working and how to make it work. The need or want is becoming clearer that offices or workspaces should ideally be more homely in their look and feel to entice employees in and to engage them and to also be more collaborative and enabling socialising, as well as maintaining levels of productivity. This refers back to the concept we covered in a blog recently that work not just being somewhere we go to.  
If you are going back then importantly, is everyone comfortable and supported with the right furniture and in particular, the right chair? Now is a good time to review what chairs you have in your office and are these fit for purpose or do they need replacing and upgrading? Not sure on your options, please ask  
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