Sustainability and the environment are very much in the press and the political arena  
This topic is also front of mind for many business owners and consumers right now, as it should be. 
So when it comes to office space planning and office furniture, what are people doing and offering? 
For example, did you know that sometimes the material and fabric on chairs and soft seating can be made out of recycled waste with some manufacturers. This article in Mix Interiors talks about the types of adhesive to avoid sticking floor tiles/carpet tiles and carbon neutral schemes. One of the participants in this article said they can make our flooring from waste fishing nets and waste nylons. Who knew? 
Aside from second hand office furniture/used office furniture, which we sell, as a result of clearances and removals because of office moves and relocations, what is out there options wise? Did you know, parts can often be recycled too or furniture sold on in full or donated to others. 
What is Sygnus doing? 
We are committed our environmental performance and operating in an environmentally friendly way. Our objectives are reviewing energy consumption, waste reduction including packaging and paper and recycling programmes. Find out more about our environmental policy.  
Office furniture can be leased which is not only good for budgeting and cash flow. Leasing is also good for the environment by “recycling” furniture on through using it and returning it for someone else to use or lease. Find out more  
The Manufacturers 
Many of the manufacturers we use as dealers, are doing their bit for the environment and for sustainability. For example, 
Ocee Design - They also have an EU Ecolabel range, meeting high environmental standards throughout their life-cycle: from raw material extraction, to production, distribution and disposal. 
Mobili – They are also doing their bit. All MFC panels are procured from suppliers who are certified as using timber from sustainable sources. And they look at training, minimising wastage and energy and promoting use of recyclable and renewable materials. 
Our other usual manufacturers and suppliers are also following suit: 
Other ideas 
As well as buying, using and investing in recyclable office furniture where possible, there are other things your business can do. For example: 
• Introducing plants for the biophilic angle in terms of air and natural benefits 
• Recycling within the office. From paper to cartridges, plastic and metals 
• Looking at energy saving options with your lighting 
• Reviewing your air con and other systems for energies and renewables 
• Considering reviewing your energy bills and utilities too 
• Some businesses are also installing electric car charging points in office car parks and bike racks for employees who cycle 
If we all do our bit in the workplace, then we can all make a difference (big or small) to the our workspace and surroundings, to our working environment, to our colleagues and customers and to the wider community. 
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