Some time back, around 70% of office or office space were open plan. Is yours? Was yours? 
Could the return to the office see more open plan spaces or could it see closed off sections with doors, screens and other layout options? ... 
Will offices now contain less desks as more may be working from home than before? 
Or could meeting rooms perhaps be made larger to accommodate the same amount of people around the table but allowing them to be more spaced out? 
Before the pandemic, open plan office space was said to boost productivity and staff harmony. This is probably still true. The thinking used to be by taking away the walls and doors, then interaction comes more easily. Will such interaction and being close be something bosses will want to encourage or not. I guess we don’t know at this stage. 
What will happen to hotdesking and flexible/home working? Will one favour the other? Will it be a case of accommodating both? Again, let’s what and see. 
Bench desks which have always been a staple and popular desk product, allow a business or space to fit more people in compared to wave desks. Staff can sit face to face and side by side. Screens to protect against infection can easily be accommodated too. 
It isn't all about saving money when planning your office layout, but it is all about giving you and your business options. 
Would you like a review of your office space with recommendations to accommodate a return after the roadmap announcement?  
Contact us to arrange a no obligation site visit, followed up by ideas, drawings and advice. 
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