Creating a safe, protective working environment has never been more important and screens are a great way of preventing infection spread of COVID-19 and offer protection to your staff and customers. Here is some usual advice from HSE  
Covid screens, protection screens, sneeze screens or whatever you would like to call them, can come in all shapes and sizes to suit your workplace, your layout, your staff and your needs. For example, screens can be portable, surrounding, table height, fixed onto screens, corner shaped, foldable or freestanding. They can be placed in reception areas, common areas, around workstations and more. They are flexible and functional. 
Depending on the shape and size of your building, the number of staff and the nature of the work you do, there is a screen size to suit. These protection screens can be clear, frosted or both (for privacy and to suit your colourings, brand and decor) and they can be glass or plastic (acrylic and Perspex). 
So, protect your staff and customers and preserve the future of your business safely, as we get to grips with the new normal and with the easing of the lockdown. 
View our range of brochures here and here 
What are your plans? Are you considering a return to the office, in part with hybrid working and flexi working or a return in whole?  
Whatever you are doing, Sygnus has the right protection screen for your office. Find out more  
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