Whatever your role in your business and in your workplace, you will no doubt spend some or a lot of your time in meetings! These may be in person meetings in a dedicated meeting space, online call meetings at your desk or 1 to 1’s in private spaces. According to research, the average employee participates in at least eight meetings per week. That’s more than one meeting every single day and only increases with seniority. Wow! 
Charles W. Scharf said “Meetings should have as few people as possible, but all the right people.” 
Some meetings we know can be a waste of time and some can be unproductive, but when done right with the desired outcomes and actions, meetings can be vital! 
Meeting space 
So, what do you need to consider in your furniture and space/surroundings? 
Do you want desks/tables and chairs in a more formal boardroom style? 
Or would you like soft seating or stand-up bistro tables and stools? 
Or a hybrid of both furniture types and styles for a blend? 
Do the tables need to extend/fold away for flexibility in usage and numbers? 
What space do you have? A dedicated room or open space that has multiple uses? 
Do you need an area to allow for quiet or private meetings and calls also? 
What technology do you need to factor in eg port holes for cables, charging points, AV equipment? 
Case studies 
With this in mind, meeting productivity can be attributed to the space you are in, from meeting rooms to breakout rooms and also pods and booths. Here are a couple of examples of meeting space installations, booths and quiet areas Sygnus has worked on. 
Furniture ranges 
For inspiration on meeting room furniture and breakout space furniture, and design and space planning for both, visit 
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