But does this apply to office interiors? 
According to architecture and design.com the definition of office interiors is - Office interior design is the practice of designing workplaces that are conducive to maximising not only productivity but also the health, safety, well-being, and performance of employees. It is about creating spaces that are functional and that provide a setting for success; places in which people are happy to work. We would agree with this. 
We have seen reports that many businesses and companies are struggling to get their staff back in on either a permanent or part time basis. Are you having this struggle, or have you got it covered? 
Here are 4 tips from Sygnus to entice in and keep in your staff and teams, as well as looking at current trends and incorporating wellness. 
Office design 
A sleek, clean and uncluttered workplace with space, furniture and fittings that streamlines your workflow will increase efficiency and productivity, and can aid you in new recruitment and staff retention. Good storage and retrieval solutions can also aid effectiveness, increase output and save money. A nice and flexible yet productive and user friendly environment is what every worker is looking for. 
Each project we undertake is exciting for us, we aim to take your aspirations and create an office interior and a working environment which you will be proud of. https://sygnus-uk.com/services/office-design/ 
Office furniture 
Restructuring the office layout can ensure you are using the space you have without wastage or without being too cramped. Any refurnishing and office design must ensure people have ergonomically sound working environments as well as the space and surroundings to do their job properly, including the right equipment, privacy for meetings, storage for files, breakout areas for team building and decision making and so on. 
The needs of staff and the demands on the working space may have changed post pandemic, so does your area reflect these changes? 
Office interiors 
Using our many years of experience and networking, Sygnus offers a one stop shop style service for an office fit out, incorporating used office furniture, partitioning, screens, carpeting and flooring, lighting, signage, data and electrical work, air con and ventilation, suspended ceilings, acoustics, decoration and biophilia. https://sygnus-uk.com/services/office-interiors/ 
Our wellness and awareness of wellness has changed and been heightened post pandemic and so have our expectations when it comes to sanitary issues, air quality, surroundings and mental health. 
Project management 
From the initial planning stages through to installation and completion of your office interiors, our team apply their technical expertise and skills to ensure a smooth transition from old to new. 
Our aim is to liaise with you throughout the project to create the office design and business working environment you require, meet the operational needs of your staff and create the company image you wish to promote to your suppliers and customers, all with using the best office furniture for you. https://sygnus-uk.com/services/project-management/ If your company is planning changes to your workplace, you won’t want the hassle of managing all of this and your staff will want it done as soon as possible, so let us help and make sur things run to time and budget. 
The trends 
Italian producer Arper talked about “the boundaries between home and work are gone. Now ‘living’ means all the different things we do in a day. Everything is in flux, so anything is possible. How do we want to live? More seamlessly. More inspired.” 
From the homely looking office with soft seating and plants, sofas and chill out areas to sustainable workplace design and textile changes. https://www.fmj.co.uk/fresh-designs/ 
The wellness-led workplace 
With many organisations striving to find a new sense of normality in an increasingly hybrid world, employers need to balance the flexibility they offer to individuals with the needs of the team so that their people, productivity and profitability can thrive. https://www.fmj.co.uk/the-wellness-led-workplace/ 
Read this piece all about the need to create a balanced workplace and where wellbeing is a key influence in its design, management and use. It’s all about the age of choice. 
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