The word hybrid suggests a crossover of things or a mixture of things and in the case of the workplace and the current pandemic, it refers to how we may be working. Will we be all from home? Will we all be back in the office or workplace? Or will, as some are suggesting and also pushing for, be working in a hybrid fashion of part home and part office? Known as hybrid working. 
So what might a hybrid workplace look like? 
The hybrid workplace. The return of employees to the office, when safe and allowed, throws up many factors for you the business owner and employer to consider? Mainly, when, who and how. 
How will you ensure there is as much safety and protection given as possible? 
What space is needed and how can you maximise on the space you have? 
How will you keep to some kind of budget in this tough economic time? 
What is best for the environment and sustainability? 
How can you keep accounts and HR happy with the right balance? 
According to an article online, working from home some of the time may become the norm for many companies after the pandemic. On the other hand, there was also a piece online potentially rejecting working from home being the new normal.  
Striking the right balance safety wise, economically and for productivity and space, will not be easy. There is no doubt of that. 
What do you the business owner and boss need to consider and seek guidance on? 
• Dates, timelines and numbers (both people and ££) will be key to know upfront. 
• Factoring in safety and protection requirements such as screens, sanitising stations, signage and PPE will be essential for the short and maybe long term. As will reviewing the space’s ventilation. 
• Furniture is must consider factor too. Will you be having less desks for less people or the same number of desks, just further apart to accommodate the same numbers? Will you need bigger tables or longer sofas to allow spacing out? Find some ideas and inspirations of layouts, space planning and office furniture here  
• Individual department needs and IT/comms needs will also be key to ensuring harmony and productivity. 
• Other factors to consider, as mentioned in this piece are flooring, furniture, acoustics, plants, movement and offices vs open space. 
So a return to the workplace may not be straightforward to implement and make happen, but with the right planning and advice, it is achievable so we can get back to some kind of normality. When it comes to hybrid and agile working, Sygnus can help using our years of experience and network of suppliers. 
If you and your business would like an initial conversation to give you options and ideas on safety, furniture, space planning and layout, please get in touch  
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