A new poll from MoreySmith (as featured in Mix Interiors) has revealed that half of British employees want specially designed areas in the office for socialising if they are to stop working from home. The survey of 1017 UK adults (in full or part time work) commissioned by the leading designers asked the public about their new expectations of work, following 14 months of COVID restrictions and working from home. 
This has been a trend for a while now of offices and working space wanting and demanding to be more homely in look and feel. Of course the space still needs to remain functional and productive to work in, but the social aspect of working is prevalent still. Another Mix Interiors article from April suggested that companies needed to take steps to consider what the future office looks like. It won’t be pre-pandemic in style and layout, but it will need to incorporate new ways of working. The article and other articles on this subject also say that wellbeing in the workplace is becoming more vital and needs to be factored into the work setting. 
So, how can working spaces and breakout areas be designed for open plan working as well as space for those needing privacy? 
For ideas on booths, pods, soft seating and more, visit out breakout furniture webpage  
In addition to this, Sygnus is also now dealing with the Go Acoustic Pod range, which has been designed to address two core issues relating to open plan environments. Firstly, the need for acoustic privacy and secondly, the need for internal rooms within the workspace. Each Pod is highly ergonomic and functional, packed with the latest technology when you need to stay connected. These pods are a compact soundproof workspace with huge benefits; Equipped with lighting and a ventilation system which is activated by a movement sensor, pods are fitted with AH Meyer Power sockets, RJ45 Data plugs and USB charging ensuring optimal power and connectivity. Ideal for uninterrupted work, holding discussions, making important phone calls, and running teleconferences. 
The range includes pods for: 
Solo – single person pod 
Focus – single privacy pod 
Connect – dual person pod 
Engage – meeting pod 
We all know that we need to manage employee expectations and concerns about returning back eg collaboration. socialising, health and safety too so getting the space and safety right is very important. For ideas and tips, visit our brochures webpage  
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