In today’s ever changing working world, being ready could mean almost anything. In our world and the world of office interiors and furniture, it means getting ready for the year ahead in terms of our space, our safety, and our surroundings. 
Some of you may be already back in the office. Some may be part office and part home based. Some may be permanently home based now. But there will be a lot of businesses like yours get ready to make some kind of a significant return in the new year, after the festive break. 
If you are in the latter category, as we imagine the majority of you probably are, what can you be thinking about and doing now to make this return and transition as smooth as possible? Here are our top tips to consider and act on: 
• Tidy and declutter: with the office wholly or partly empty and with work quieten down as is common in December, use this time to tidy filing cabinets, recycle and shred, tidy drawers, kitchen areas, stock cupboards and reception areas. 
• Redecorate and refurb: now you can see more of the space you work in after the tidy up exercise, does it need a lick of paint or decoration? Or perhaps the floors could be re carpeted or tiled or at least replace damaged or stained flooring as a minimum. We can recommend suppliers to carry out this work from flooring to air con, electrics to decoration. Find out more  
• Home workers: if some staff are to remain at home, don’t forget to include them in the review and refurbing plans. Do they have an ergonomic chair and safe, supportive, and fit for purpose desk? We have 3 chairs and 3 desks on promotion suitable for varying spaces/sizes and budget. Take a look  
• Layout and design: how many staff are coming back in the new year, short and long term? Will there be team or department changes? Therefore will the layout and configuration of the desks need to change or move? Do the desks need replacing due to wear and tear or to accommodate more or less people? Same goes with the chairs and seating? Through drawings and technology, we can help plan out the ideal space for your businesses changing needs.  
• Safety and space: are you staff safely spaced out? Do you have screens up for protection and dividing up spaces for teams and groups? Screens can be fixed to floors or desks, they can be portable for moving and they can be Perspex to allow natural light and easy communication. Take a look at our Screens brochure Signage in and around the office can also help keep staff safe and updated. 
• The finishing touches: plants, including replica ones, are a nice way to fill gaps or empty spaces as well as cheering up a space and bringing in some colour. Download our plants brochure What about the reception area, the first part of your offices interior that staff, customers and visitors will see. A new desk or soft seating or storage/display cabinets can make real noticeable changes.  
• Planning: planning ahead is key in these times in terms of timings, staffing, budgeting. Our office supplies partner can provide wall planners, diaries, notebooks, whiteboards and more to help you start off on the right track. Available for office and home delivery. Find out more  
This doesn’t also have to cost a fortune or come out of your budget immediately. This guest blog from Lee and Plumpton will provide some cost effective tips  
At Sygnus, we can help you regarding leasing furniture or with second hand furniture items too  
If you need advice and support managing a return to the office in the new year, Sygnus can help, so get in touch. 
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