With the summer here, the trees and flowers and the skies are providing colours a plenty, but how about the inside of your workplace? Is it white and clinical or is there no recognisable tones or themes to the décor? 
The trend as we know is very much on making the office or workplace more homely to entice workers back in, and to also make hybrid working or full-time office based working more productive. So, to make the atmosphere and surroundings brighter and bolder, what simple things can you do to bring more colour into the workplace? 
1. Plants and nature 
Biophilic design is very much a trend of bringing the outside in. So plants, real or replica, is a great way to add a pop of colour to corners or sections or focal points of the office. https://sygnus-uk.com/blog-by-sygnus/have-you-heard-of-biophilic-design/ 
2. Wall art 
Having canvases or prints or murals and mosaics is also eye catching as well as informative. You could use your company values or your mission statement and turn these words into a script or drawing or montage to cover large spaces of walls. This can be most effective as well as educational and motivating. 
The same applies for signage, interior and exterior also. 
3. The décor 
A splash of colour on the walls or pillars or doors can really lift the mood of an office space. Colour can also be considered on screens or dividers/partitions too. 
Floor tiles or carpets/flooring can also adopt the company colours or brand. 
4. Furniture 
We haven’t forgotten the furniture! Office chairs or soft seating in the social areas to the sofas in reception or the seating in the meeting areas come in every colour imaginable so why not carry the colour scheme through to the furniture as well as the flooring and walls. 
5. Accessories 
If you have acoustics or padded sections in some of your meeting spaces then these don’t have to be plain white or grey, but they can be colourful. Same goes for lighting in certain areas of the building too. 
And why not adding some finishing dashes of colour to social areas or dining areas with colourful coasters or mugs and glasses. 
For more about our office interiors services, go to https://sygnus-uk.com/services/office-interiors/ 
The extra pop of colour really will be noticeable and appreciated. 
It is always to match up colours used in the décor and furniture and so on to those within the company brand too. 
Remembering to also factor in things like colour psychology or the varying brain functions of neurodiversity (such as Dyspraxia and Dyslexia. There is no one size fits all as your workplace layout will need to work for you, for the company and its culture, for the staff and work health and safety too, but these are just some ideas 
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