These words were said by Abraham Lincoln when he became the 16th president, which was a long time ago, but these words are still very relevant today. At this current time, whilst the end is hopefully in sight, we don’t know when we will be back to normal and what this new normal will be. 
Talking with customers and colleagues, it seems some are working from home for the first time or back to working from home after Christmas and some are going into the office on a rota, part time or skeleton staff basis. According to The Telegraph, one in four people are to work from home permanently with companies planning for ongoing change to employment patterns even after the pandemic is over as flexible working becomes commonplace. And according to TechRadar and their research, 75% of UK office workers would accept, or have accepted, a pay cut in exchange for a fully remote role. What are your thoughts? What are you doing in your business or workplace? 
So, how can we help you? And help get you and your teams through this period? 
The good news is, according to a piece in the Evening Standard, the UK was named the second-best country in the world to “work from home” in 2021, after Canada. But what can Sygnus do for you? Here are our 4 top tips. 
1. Looking after yourself and your staff 
Have you looked at your working environment, equipment and set up? 
There are many helpful articles out there looking at the importance of wellbeing, having a positive mindset, taking breaks even if you are at home, self-care, and exercising suggestions. Read some of these for tips and useful insights. These apply whether you are home office based or in an office or another type of working set-up. 
2. Reviewing your surroundings 
Unless you are moving to a new house imminently, or are office/offsite based, you will need to convert part of your home as a pop-up office. You may be sharing this with your partner and even your children presently, but we have a few simple tips to consider helping you choose where to work in the home and what to consider. Considering things like natural daylight, storage, power supplies and so on are all key factors. Read our blog on the ideal home office set-up 
3. Getting equipped 
Keeping your working area neat and tidy will help you be productive, but so will having the right set-up and being surrounded by everything you need to do your job. Having your desk and chair and computer/screen all at the right size, position and height for you is a must for ergonomics sake. Power supplies, monitor arms and storage are all important to note too. This image is an example of what to consider. 
Or you can even consider standing to work. For more ideas on the types of desks and chairs, we have a selection to show you as food for thought to demonstrate what is out there, from desks you can fold away to the ever popular sit to stand style desks  
4. Get primed and ready for a return 
Make the most of the current possible downtime to safely, and only if allowed within the current guidelines, get the office, classroom or workplace fit and ready for purpose when your teams can or do make a return. So, what can do to make a difference? 
Tidy and declutter. For example, tidy filing cabinets, recycle and shred, tidy drawers, kitchen areas, stock cupboards and reception areas. Once the spaces and areas are tidy, it will be easier to deep clean them as well. Stock up also on office supplies and PPE too. 
You could redecorate and refurb with a lick of paint, or perhaps replace carpet or re-tile the floors. We can recommend suppliers to carry out such work if you need a recommendation. Find out more  
Once areas are tidy and refreshed, you will need to look at how to safely accommodate the staff and teams returning. For example, screens and shields for protection and dividing up spaces for teams and groups. These screens can be fixed to floors or desks or they can be portable for moving. Most are made from Perspex to still allow natural light in and for ease when communicating. Signage in and around the office or workplace is also recommended to keep staff safe, informed and updated.  
If the Sygnus team can be of support or assistance to you and your business at this time with your home office or office based questions or with our experience and recommendations, please get in touch. 
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